We are now Offering Sound and Lighting Hire!!

Having recently upgraded To a Brand new lighting Rig as Well as upgrading some parts of our PA System, we are now offering Sound and lighting Hire. Below Is our strongest system but we also have smaller options for more intimate gigs/ Ceremonies or Conferences.

Sound System consists of:

Allen and Heath QU16 Digital Mixing Desk or Soundcraft EFX 12 (Analog Mixer)

2 Martin Audio XD15 Tops with 2 Double 15 Martin Audio Bass Bins, Powered by 2 Martin Audio 5.2k Digital Amps

Smaller System of 2 EV ZX5’S powered by Marin Audio 4.2k Analog Amp

Lighting System:

2 sets of Kam Power Cans

2 ADJ Focus Spot 2’s

2 ADJ Sweeper Beam Quads

2 Showtek Blinders

Fog Machine can be provided also, Venue Permitting..

Check out The Video